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Tom Barnaby’s sidekicks

In Midsomer Murders Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby of Midsomer County is on his third assistant detective and I have to say that I have liked them all. First there was Detective Sergeant Troy, who sometimes makes the wrong calls, suspects the wrong suspect and says or does the wrong things. Troy and Barnaby seemed to be a great fit as they tangled with some much unexpected murderers. Then there was Scott, the city-slicker, who Barnaby seemed not to like but grew into. Barnaby came to rely on Scott’s smooth talking ways and warm sometimes distracting smile for the ladies.

Now we have Detective Constable Ben Jones who relates well with the villagers in a down-to-earth way and engages well with Barnaby and his family.

These episodes continue to pile up the bodies, keeping Chief Inspector Barnaby and Doctor George Bullard, the coroner, very busy and away from home in the lovely English countryside where everything seems peaceful and idyllic.


Midsomer Murders