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I give it a month

Leap Year

I give it a month, anyone used to $600 shoes and Louis Vuitton suitcases is not going to like slaving away in a backwoods inn. Add to that, it is in Ireland and she is used to big city and likes a big city life, she will quickly tire of working in an inn.

The movie is cute, When Amy Adam's boyfriend of 4 years does not propose on their 4 year anniversary, Amy Adams decides she will do something about it.  Her boyfriend goes to Ireland, why I do not remember, and there is an Irish Tradition that the woman can propose to the man on the 29th of February. Now, why she doesn't communicate with her boyfriend while in the states I do not know. Why she thinks she has to go to Ireland and propose instead if just saying to her boyfriend "Hey, lets get Married", but then there would be no movie. Of course (spoiler alert) she meets someone, falls in love, changes her entire life and gets married to him. It is filled with funny situations even if it is not very realistic. But then if it was, I would have been bored and not watched.  So if you are looking for a romantic comedy and are willing to let go of reality, you can pick up this movie at KPL.


Leap Year


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I wonder if this review is better and more funny than the dvd itself
I just saw the movie and the review is spot on. Good job.
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