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Family Drama Demme Style

Not quite cinema verite of old, but with the obligatory shakiness of a hand-held camera, Rachel Getting Married feels as though the film’s director (Jonathan Demme of Silence of the Lambs, Beloved, Philadelphia ) was provided unfiltered access to capture the intimate conversations, tragedies and joys of a dysfunctional family brought together to celebrate Rachel’s big day. What makes this film so visceral in its immediacy and kinetic energy is in large part due to how the film was shot and the way in which many of the scenes feel as though they were improvised or at the very least, minimally scripted and choreographed to allow the actors freedom to embody the naturalism of the moment. Though I would have preferred another actress as the rehab-prone enfant terrible (sorry Anne Hathaway fans), Rachel Getting Married’s strength as a film comes from the strong ensemble cast who did well to transform a rather stale plotline into a well-mannered and passable drama.


Rachel Getting Married


I'm with you on the Anne Hathaway assessment, as well as the characterization of this movie as a passable drama. I generally like Jonathan Demme's films but found this worth watching but really pretty predictable. In fact I felt as though I had seen this movie, or at least a very similarly plotted film, at least three times before. But check it out and see decide for yourself, the price is right @ kpl! One stand out is Tunde Adebimpe from the band TV on the Radio as the sisters fiance. He has like three lines, but I love that band so it was cool to see him in the film.
How could you fail to mention Robyn Hitchcock in your review?