Man On Wire

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Philippe Petit’s incredible 1974 wire walk between the towers of the, then newly completed, World Trade Center is an act not to be repeated, not only because of the fate that befell the towers, but because I don’t believe another human being is capable of such an act of daring and grace. Mixing rare footage, interviews with Petit and his accomplices today, and staged reenactments, Man On Wire is a thrilling piece of documentary film making. The film thrills, not only because of the great footage of Petit’s incomprehensible wire walk itself, but because of the wild-eyed, madcap, bank heist like approach that the group took to pull it off. Petit and his walk is also the subject of the wonderful kids book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, but no matter how you view this event you can’t help but marvel at the artistic commitment and pure audacity of what Petit refers to as "his dream". Magnificent!  


Man On Wire


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