Speed Racer

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The reviews were not so good for Speed Racer, but I liked it well enough. The graphics did remind me of the television show “Laugh In” with it’s loud and vibrant colors. I wish they had played the theme song more, that was a melody that stuck in your head. They had a lot more gun shooting than I remembered from the original Speed Racer show. They did do a bunch of push button B on the steering wheel and the car jumps over or out of danger. The movie had the car doing flips and rolls which seemed a bit of a stretch. Each member of the Racer family had a color. Their room would be that color, their pjs were that color etc. But the real garish use of colors came when the cars raced. It was almost psychedelic. Yes the move was cartoonish but hey I borrowed it from the library so the cost was right.


Speed Racer

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