Journey from the Fall

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I have learned to know a Vietnamese family who own a small business here in Kalamazoo. Both husband and wife fled South Vietnam when they were children, following the 1975 fall of Saigon. He left his family at 12 and escaped by boat, spent one year alone in a refugee camp in Thailand and then was sponsored by a church in Orange County, CA. She was three years old when she escaped with her family. They also spent a year in Thailand and made their way to Orange County. Recently the couple recommended a DVD, Journey from the Fall, a wrenching film based on true stories of Vietnamese refugees who fled the country seeking freedom and Vietnamese loyalists who stayed behind. The family depicted in the film is separated---the wife and children escape by boat, while the husband stays to face imprisonment in a Communist re-education camp. My friend said, "this could have been my family's story. My father was assigned to a re-education camp, but one week before he was to report, an uncle arranged our secret escape." Knowing this courageous and caring couple, who are raising their three children in our community, gave this film special meaning to me. But even if you don't know anyone who has "been there," the film is significant for its documentation of events linked to US history that we should never forget. Vietnamese language with English subtitles.


Jorney From The Fall

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