You do NOT want to live in Los Angeles!

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I recently watched two movies in which Aliens attacked Earth and in both movies one of the primary cities to invade is Los Angeles.

Battle Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart is an Action filled, shooting, explosions movie. It had enough ka booms that I forgave some of its lack of other things, like character building. They tried a little too hard with the Hooyah I’m a marine and other movie clichés and not enough build up. I wasn’t connected to the characters and kept feeling like he’s acting especially Aaron and I like Aaron (see I’m on first name basis).  But if you blow up enough things I keep watching.

Skyline is your typical run and hide the aliens are coming and taking you away movie. Why is it that aliens look like Squids, long tentacles trailing behind them. This movie had a lot less shooting, no military just “Oh my Gosh what is happening” Blip another human is sucked up into the alien. I wanted Donald Faison to have more of a role, I liked him on “Scrubs”.  Eric Balfour did a good job of being the leading man, although I have never heard of him before this movie. I like the TV newscaster’s line, Steven Hawkings (and they refer to him as one of the smartest people on the planet) says that if extraterrestrials visit us it might turn out like when Christopher Columbus visited America, it didn’t turn out too well for Native Americans.



Battle Los Angeles

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