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A Few Descending Amphibians and a Flower

So what is Magnolia about? Well, it’s a movie that covers the deep contours and complexities of life lived and the death to be faced, the burden of guilt and the redemptive quality of forgiveness, the reconciliation of the past while struggling day to day to survive the here and now, the mysteriousness of coincidence and the weight of chance, and a few descending amphibians. You won’t find a film with a better ensemble cast. Directed and written with masterful grace and humanity by Paul Thomas Anderson, lovers of intelligent movies will forgive the film for its length (3 hours). Magnolia, more than just a flower, it’s a masterpiece that pieces together disparate lives and flawlessly connects them to what is often called the human condition. The two soundtracks (Jon Brion and Aimee Mann) are also fantastic companion pieces.




Wonderful story. i liked

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