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Wanted: A great movie for the fan of action!

Considering I was a fan of the graphic novel the movie was loosely based on, I was surprised it took me so long to watch Wanted. What I missed in the theaters was a non-stop kinetic action flick starring Angelina JolieMorgan Freeman, and James McAvoy as assassins in a secret organization called The Fraternity. Their job is to eliminate individuals who will eventually upset the blance of order in the world. How different was the movie from the book? I would say the spirit of Mark Millar's story was present but much of the plot and characters were changed, specifically instead of super-villains in the book they are assassins. Wanted is further evidence that 2008 was the year of the great comic book movie.


Kevin King


thank you!
I did not see this yet, but after reading your review it sounds like something I would enjoy seeing. I will watch it. Thanks Ralph DeLuca Madison, NJ