Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

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"Salmon Fishing in the Yemen", with Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt and Kristin Scott Thomas. The title says it all. A good friend of mine, JD, recommended this DVD, I watched it and liked it so much I told my wife she had to watch it. The premise is that there is a Sheik in the Yemen with tons and tons of money who loves fly fishing for salmon and equates it with a religious experience. He also wants to do something for Yemen, provide water for agriculture. Emily Blunt handles the Sheik's finances and finds Ewan McGregor, a fishing expert, to help her make the Sheik's dream come true. Kristen Scott Thomas is the Prime Minister's PR person (this takes place in England) and sees this as a good PR piece. Ewan says it is impossible and starts to list all the reasons why, Emily counters them, you need water, the sheik has built a dam, you need cool temperature, the temperature in that part of Yemen is cool, Ewan says it will cost 50 million and Emily doesn't even blink. The story is nice, the interactions of the people is what captivated me. Sheik Muhammed played by Amr Waked was an excellent portrayal of a sheik. He had the beard, the soft demeanor, the handling of the beads while he talked. This and many other movies are available in our AV department. 



Salmon Fishing in the Yemen



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