The Dark Knight Returns!

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Tonight at midnight the Rave Theater will be showing the newest Batman movie, The Dark KnightChristian BaleMichael CaineMorgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman reprise their roles from the 2005 release Batman Begins directed by Christopher Nolan. Not only is this one of the most anticipated movies for fans of the DC Comics superhero, but it is one of the last movies starring Heath Ledger before he died in January of this year. Early reviews predict it will shatter the record for highest earning superhero movie, a record previously held by Spider-Man. I know I am going to see it tonight since Batman Begins is one of my personal favorites!


Batman Begins

Posted by Kevin King at 07/17/2008 09:27:51 AM | 

I know this blog is 3 years old and they're already working on the next film in the trilogy, but I was wondering if you preferred The Dark Knight to Batman Begins?

I personally enjoyed Batman Begins more. I thought the characters were better and the story was better. Felt more like Batman, where as I felt TDK was more just some psychopath who likes the Batman comics modelling himself after the Joker Character in there and that Batman was just a masked vigilante.

The only thing that bugged me in Batman Begins was the pronunciation of "Ra's Al Ghul". They pronounce it "Razz" where as it should be "Ray-Shh".

Let me know what you thought as it's one of my favourite movies of all time.
Posted by: Andrew ( Email ) at 10/27/2011 10:35 PM

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