Mad Men

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Mad Men is my newest television pleasure. Written and directed by a former Sopranos contributor, Mad Men’s depiction of a bustling New York advertising agency in 1960 is just as stylish and focused on probing the mythologies and contradictions of American consumer culture as Tony and his “made” buddies yet without the ubiquitous violence and criminal activity. Swinging back and forth between the bruising chauvinism of the male-dominated work place and the pre-Feminine Mystique suburbia, the characters of Mad Men are consumed with angst-filled feelings of inadequacy and personal demons yet smile through such inconvenient truths in order to conform to the social and cultural norms of the day. 


Mad Men

Posted by Ryan Gage at 07/11/2008 03:24:22 PM | 

I'm with you on this one, Ryan. Mad Men is right at the top of my list too! The series can kind of stand alone as good drama, but its also interesting from the more historical perspective point of view. I was a teen in that era, and I can tell you they've nailed the look and feel of it. You can kind of understand the cultural transitions of the 60's-70's a little better if you have some kind of grasp on the starting point of all that, and Mad Men gives some insight into that.
Posted by: Ernie Clemence ( Email ) at 7/14/2008 1:38 PM

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