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Blu-Ray is here to stay.

A couple of months ago, KPL started to circulate Blu-ray DVDs. Since then many patrons who do not own a Blu-ray player have checked one out on accident. I understand how this can be confusing since a standard DVD and Blu-ray DVD look exactly alike! The trick is to look at the case.  A Blu-ray case is smaller, usually labeled with the Blu-ray logo, and is the color blue. We will be getting more Blu-ray DVDs each month in both the Hot Picks and circulating collections. For more info on Blu-ray visit -


Kevin King


I love Blu-Ray. I watch it on my new HD monitor and run it through a PS3 player. The first Blu-Ray movie I watched The Other Boleyn Girl, the quality of the images nearly brought me to tears, I was so excited. 1080p is fully realized by Blu-Ray and it is really a whole different viewing experience. I salute KPL for supporting this format.