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Endeavour: The young Inspector Morse

I was pleasantly surprised by the young Detective Endeavour Morse! This episode was not another overly done remake. In the PBS's newly released episode of Endeavour, the melancholy Inspector Morse’s past comes alive through the role of young Detective Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans). I thought Shaun Evans did a great job of introducing the demons from Morse's past. It was a new beginning.

Inspector Morse has always seemed like a lonely, solitary sole without true friends that went home alone and drank alone and in Endeavour I saw the heartbreak build. I saw when he went from not drinking to being a drinker. I never knew Morse's first name and now I know it was Endeavour. Jesse Stone played by Tom Selleck is our American version of the British Inspector Morse in, of course, our more brutish American way. I like both characters, though. There are other British examples, such as, Jane Tennison from Masterpiece's Prime Suspect played by Helen Mirren and then there's Wallander, the Swedish TV version played by Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh. If you are a Masterpiece Mystery buff and haven’t already seen Endeavour, you can find a copy at one of our KPL branches.