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Angry Birds
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2016

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Cult movie fan? Check out these ideas!

In his book, The Rough Guide to Cult Movies: the Good, the Bad and the very Weird, Paul Simpson describes a cult movie as a film which should “prompt people to go around quoting it to each other or inspire an unreasonable amount of devotion long after the masses have forgotten its existence... be an undiscovered gem… (or) be so bad it’s a hoot.” With that in mind, check out our new Staff Picks display on cult movies downstairs at the downtown branch. You may not even need to leave our website to watch a few good cult classics. Hoopla Digital* has its own list of choices. Find it among several subheadings inside the Classics category of movies, under Genres. If you search for ‘cult classics’ from the top search field, you’ll find still a few more titles not on the above list.Though not all movies described as cult classics are horror films, many horror films are cult classics. Hoopla has a lot of horror films to choose from, broken into many subheadings, just in case you only want to watch—for example--movies about zombies or vampires....


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