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Baseball, the American Pastime

How appropriate that two of the new books in the Local History Room deal with a sport very popular now, namely baseball and more specifically, Detroit Tigers baseball. A Place for Summer by Richard Bak (H 796.357640977434  B166.1) deals with Tiger Stadium and includes some great photographs. The Detroit Tigers by William M. Anderson (H 796.357640977434 A5523 2008) is the fourth edition of a comprehensive look at the Tigers. The author also includes statistics on players he feels have been the Tigers’ best outfielders, pitchers, infielders and catchers.


The Detroit Tigers
Lynn H


Finally a blog on baseball! I just got a MelCat book on the love of the game yesterday and was thinking about how I could manage a blog on a book we don't own. Thanks for getting this up, Lynn! Go Tigers!!!!!
Lynn, Who could ever forget the 84 team with Whitaker and Trammel...or the great Tigers like Morris and Kaline and Horton. Tiger baseball is one of the greatest traditions in the major leagues. And how you could mention Tigers in one breath and not bring up the name Harwell. Though I am a fan of Comerica Park...I will never forget my first trip to Tiger stadium in 1984 and the flag pole wait out in center field. Thanks Lynn, Coach Bucher owner of Top Level Hitting
I have been a Tigers fan for years and would love to take a look at this book! I am glad that we now have a baseball blog :)
Fun Fact of the Day - Did you know that Prince Fielder hit a homerun in Tiger Stadium when he was just 12 years old? He did it when his DAD, Cecil knocking homers out of there in the early 1990s.