What's on top of the cabinets?

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Ever wonder what those very large bound volumes are on top of the cabinets in the Local History Room? They are collectively known as the Historical Newspapers. These were special editions of various local newspapers, all laminated and indexed. They were published for such special occasions as the centennial of Kalamazoo County in 1937, the opening of the new Kalamazoo Gazette building in 1925 or our nation’s Bicentennial in 1976. Each edition is filled with articles and photographs on our community’s institutions, organizations, businesses and individuals. Make sure you don’t overlook the advertisements which are fascinating in among themselves. What makes these issues useful is that they are indexed and a physical copy can be found right next to them. So the next time you are in the Local History Room, pick one of these up, leaf through it and see what new bit of information you can find out about Kalamazoo.


Historical Newspapers

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