The Auto Men of Michigan

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With all the recent changes in the automobile industry in Michigan, it’s a good time to look back on the people who were behind it. Billy Durant: Creator of General Motors by Lawrence Gustin (H 921 D949G) has been reissued, more than likely for GM’s centennial not because of its current situation. It tells the story of the corporation’s flamboyant founder who pulled thirty auto-related firms together like Buick, DELCO, Fisher Body and Cadillac under one company. There are many other biographies of the auto men of Michigan including The Dodge Brothers by Charles Hyde (H 629.204 H993) and several on Henry Ford which can be found in the H 921 section.


Billy Durant: creator of General Motors

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thanks for the post! i agree. with all the stuff happening right now in GM and others, it is so interesting and inspiring to look back on things they have done in the past which made them successful.
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Hmm, what about Local History and Genealogy
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