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Once Upon an Isle

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to live on Isle Royale when the fishing industry thrived?  My new favorite local history book is Once Upon an Isle, written and illustrated by Howard Sivertson, a former resident of Isle Royale.  The book feels like a children’s picture book with its many beautiful illustrations but it contains very detailed sketches of life in a fishing village on Isle Royale.  Sivertson’s book tells of winters spent in Minnesota with his family studying his schoolwork, helping to mend fishing nets and making other preparations for the annual migration back to Isle Royale in the spring.  He also recalls laundry day, the Fourth of July celebration and other aspects of daily life spent on the island.  Can you imagine having to pack up everything you own, including all of your appliances, for the twice a year journey across the water between Minnesota and Isle Royale?  It certainly was a different way of life than the ones most of us live now.

If you enjoy reading books of this nature describing life in communities such as Beaver Island, North Manitou Island and others which are no longer in existence, come take a look at what the history room offers!


Once Upon an Isle

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