A Visit to the Place of My Nativity

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One of the privileges a library worker has is seeing the new books as they come in. This book of anecdotes about Bronson Methodist Hospital, by retired employee Dick Vander Molen, caught my eye recently. When I browsed through it I discovered an amusing story about the pediatrician who tended to me in the late 1950s and early 1960s. I took a copy to my dad to show him this story and he ended up wanting to read the whole book, which he did, saying he enjoyed the stories about many local people, some of whom are his acquaintances. Anyone interested in the history of Bronson or in the people who worked there in past years will enjoy this collection.


The Bronson I Knew

Posted by David DeVries at 01/29/2009 08:52:25 AM | 

I can relate you my story,I had been searching records of my late great grandfather who is a Japanese general until I stumble upon an old book and found the story about him in that book, he died in an ambush by the gurella group
Posted by: Matildo Maratas ( Email ) at 9/5/2010 6:33 PM

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