New Nonfiction

May 2014

What Was the March on Washington? by Kathleen KrullWhat Was the March on Washington?
Krull, Kathleen
Call Number: J 323.1196 KRUL
Describes the 1963 March on Washington, helmed by Martin Luther King, Jr., where over two hundred thousand people gathered to demand equal rights for all races, and explains why this event is still important in American history today.
I AM Walt Disney by Grace NorwichI AM Walt Disney
Norwich, Grace
Call Number: J 921 DISNEY
To this day, Walt Disney's characters remain some of the most recognizable images in the world. With books, TV shows, films, and amusement parks devoted to his creations, the Walt Disney name lives on. Learn all about this remarkable man's fascinating life in Scholastic's biography series, I AM.
A Cool Summer Tail by Carrie PearsonA Cool Summer Tail
Pearson, Carrie
Call Number: J 591.43 PEAR
When summer heats up, animals find ways to stay cool. In A Cool Summer Tail animals wonder how humans stay cool too. Do they dig under the dirt, grow special summer hair, or only come out at night? This sequel to the popular A Warm Winter Tail features many of same animals but this time, with their summer adaptations, offering an important "compare and contrast" opportunity.
Jumping Penguins by Marije TolmanJumping Penguins
Tolman, Marije
Call Number: J 590 TOLM
"Funny, bizarre, unbelievable, and weird facts about twenty five different animals. The animal facts are straightforward nonfiction, Marije Tolman's illustrations are pure fantasy"
Extreme Survivors by Connie RoopExtreme Survivors
Roop, Connie
Call Number: J 591.47 ROOP
Up high, down low, in freezing temperatures, and in boiling hot places--animals and plants can survive in the most extreme environments! 
Working Homes (Young Architect) by Gerry BaileyWorking Homes (Young Architect)
Bailey, Gerry
Call Number: J 728 BAIL
Homes are not just lived in. From a windmill to a lighthouse, this exciting title portrays homes that, quite literally, work. Introducing simple engineering concepts, this book encourages students to be creative and think outside the box.