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Warm up with Great Events at Kalamazoo Public Library!

Here's a quick listing of great events for children and families coming up at KPL!

  • Jim Gill’s Family Room Tour - Wednesday, February 16th, at 7 pm. Awesome children's musician and family play facilitator. To miss this show would be like saying no thanks to fun! Free ticket required.
  • Music and Make Believe - In collaboration with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra's String Quartet, kid friendly and a craft for children ages 3-6. Registration required. Free.
  • Storytelling with Sid "The Rock" Ellis - Kids of all ages enjoy Sid's dramatic weaving of tales from around the world that teach principles of sharing, caring and just plain fun. Free.
  • Movie and Popcorn - Watch Disneynature’s Oceans at the Central Library. Popcorn!! All ages. An adult caregiver must accompany children. Free. MPAA rating G. No registration required.
  • Chinese New Year Lion Dancers - A special show about the animals of the Chinese zodiac complete with a performance by the Kalamazoo Lion Dance troupe! All ages. Free ticket required.

And there's more to come in March! Have a look at all the upcoming events at Kalamazoo Public Library and save some dates with fun! 


Warm up with Great Events at Kalamazoo Public Library!