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Very Hungry Caterpillars Part Three

“He built a small house, called a (chrysalis) around himself” - in space? The Monarchs in the Children’s Room are no longer in the caterpillar stage. Each has now gone through a final molt and is now a chrysalis. One should emerge as a butterfly next week and the other a few days later. 
Did you know that butterflies can go through their life cycle in a nearly weightless environment? I didn’t know until a patron told me about an experiment in which Painted Lady caterpillars were brought to the International Space Station and successfully went through metamorphosis. The experiment has been repeated with Monarch butterflies in space. I'm always amazed by what I learn when I visit the library. If you're curious about emerging butterflies, emerging space technology, or anything else for that matter, come visit. 

The YouTube video below is pretty amazing. You can see what it looks like when a Monarch caterpillar changes from caterpillar to chrysalis - right here on Earth.

Very Hungry Caterpillars Part Three