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Very Hungry Caterpillars Part Two

" ... he wasn't a little caterpillar any more. He was a big fat caterpillar." The Monarch caterpillars in the Children's Room started out small but after lots of milkweed leaves - it's what's for dinner, and breakfast and lunch - they really are big.

This morning, one of the caterpillars was suspended with a silky tether. This afternoon, the caterpillar molted one last time and is now a fresh chrysalis. The amazing thing is how fast the caterpillar molted. Wriggling away hanging from its silky thread, it took less then half an hour to go from stripy to leafy green little bundle. The chrysalis will hang out for the next few weeks before it emerges as a butterfly.

For now, the other younger caterpillar continues to be very hungry. It won't be long before it, too, goes all chrysalis on us. Stop in to check on these little bundles of nature whenever you'd like.



Very Hungry Caterpillars Part Two