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I’ll Read It...If the Staff Picks It!

There’s something new in the Children’s Room at the Central Library! No, it’s not a puppy…or any other type of pet.

Instead, it’s a new display of books that just might interest you this summer! The display is called STAFF PICKS and it is located just outside the door to the Children’s office, on top of the series shelves. These books have been hiding in the fiction collection for a while, and just decided among themselves that they wanted to “get out where kids would see them.”

So, the next time you are in the Children’s Room at Central, and want a good story to read, check out the Staff Picks display. We’ll do our best to keep it stocked with stories that will make you laugh out loud, or maybe cry. You’ll find something there that you can identify with! Then, you can write your own review of the book so that other kids will be tempted to read the same book.


Staff Picks

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