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Liberty Aimes Aims for Adventure

Do things like mutant animals, villainous scoundrels, a bird-drop artist, and magical inventions spark your reading appetite?  Do you think your family is weird?  Have you ever wanted to go to a boarding school and never come home?

Then, you need to read the book by Kelly Easton titled The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes, a new book in the Children’s collection at the Library.

Ten-year-old Liberty (Libby) Aimes can answer “YES” to all of the above questions.  Merriam-Webster’s  definition of the word “outlandish” may help you decide whether you might want to join Libby or not.  According to this on-line dictionary, the word outlandish means “strikingly out of the ordinary” or “exceeding reasonable limits”.  Libby eagerly searches for the key to her father’s basement laboratory, tries out some of his potions and crèmes, and searches with here-to-fore unheard of energy for the Sullivan School where she hopes her life will be turned around and she will be a “normal” 10-year-old for the first time in her life.

Readers who enjoyed Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate EventsDan Greenburg’s Secrets of the Dripping Fang stories, or Lauren Baratz-Logsted’s Sisters 8 series will eagerly join Libby Aimes in her off-the-wall adventures and will hope for a sequel! 


The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes