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Sing Along Storytime

At Sing Along Storytime, we sang call-and-response songs, shared some great read aloud stories, and made crafts about the cow that jumped over the moon. We also met Octy the Musical Octopus (who speaks with musical notes) and Octy’s new friend Inky. Now Octy and Inky are off travelling to who-knows-where in their yellow suitcase. Inky promised to send a postcard, so check back here at the Kids’ Stuff blog for updates about their trip! Bon voyage, Octy and Inky!
Maybe Octy and Inky will be back from their big trip by the time we have our next evening Sing Along Storytime in May. Let us know your favorite sing along songs by replying to this blog post. Then, we can sing them together.


Sing Along Storytime