3D Printing in The Hub


FlashForge Creator Pro 3D Printer

Kalamazoo Public Library strives to offer community access to new and emerging technologies. Explore the technology involved in printing small three-dimensional objects in plastic with a 3D printer.

The expectation is that the 3D printer will inspire interest in design, will contribute to the growth of user-created content and digital literacy, and support individual entrepreneurship.

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Using our 3D Printer

The printer is based in The Hub, KPL’s digital lab (Central Library, 3rd floor). Other locations may be used for special programming.

3D Printer Setup and Use

Step One: Setup

1. Make sure the extruders and bed are clean before calibration. Have whoever is working in
The Hub, and knows how to 3D print, clean the extruders for you. DO NOT TOUCH THE RED

2. To Calibrate the printer go to UTILITIES>CALIBRATE>YES. All the numbers must be near each
other in order to work. The X axis is located in the upper left, the Y axis is the upper right, and
the Z axis is located in the back. To calibrate correctly, turn the gears to the RIGHT to go UP,
and the LEFT to go DOWN. Have whoever is working in The Hub assist with this step if you are

Step Two: Printing

1. Download an image from www.thingiverse.com OR upload one, if you already have it picked
out, and save it to the desktop. The image must be an STL file in order to print.

2. Open the XYZ software and IMPORT the STL file. You can resize and move the image around.

3. To glue the bed down where your object will be printed, go to UTILITIES>JOG MODE>Z AXIS
and click the down arrow until the bed is low enough to glue. Also glue down where the test
strip will go depending on what color you chose to use. Left side – for the left extruder; Right
side – for the right extruder.

4. Click the Print icon. Make sure the following settings are in place: daVinci 2.0 – ABS Good –
auto repair. The extruders and bed will take a minute to heat up.

5. Let the printer cool down before removing your object.

Step Three: Cleanup

1. Once the printer has cooled down and the object has been removed, placed a damp paper
towel on the bed for about 5-10 minutes, and wipe the glue off. Wipe once more with a dry
paper towel.

2. Clean the extruders for the next person by going to UTILITIES>CLEAN NOZZLE. Use the wire
toothbrush to clean the extruders, like in the beginning. Be sure NOT TO TOUCH THE RED
WIRES connecting the extruders, the printer will shut down.

3. Log out of the computer and turn off printer when you are finished.