Religion and Philosophy

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Letters from the Land of Cancer  by Walter WangerinMinima Moralia: Reflections From Damaged Life by Theodor AdornoPractice Resurrection: a Conversation on Growing up in Christ  by Eugene PetersonBible Babel: Making Sense of the Most Talked About Book of All Time by Kristin SwensonWho Was Jacques Derrida?: An Intellectual Biography by David Mikics

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Michigan eLibrary collection of ebooks.

InfoTrac All Using PowerSearch

Magazines, journals, newspapers, reference books, ebooks available in the library or at home with your KPL library card or with your Michigan Driver's License or ID by going to
Includes Computer Database; Custom Newspapers; General Reference Center Gold; Grand Rapids Press; Expanded Academic ASAP; General Business File ASAP; Legal Trac; InfoTrac Onefile; Health Reference Center Academic ASAP

InfoTrac Custom Newsstand (Home Access)

A collection of approximately 900 full text newspapers from around the country and the world. Includes the last 12 months of the New York Times and the Grand Rapids Press (1996-current).

MeL Michigan eLibrary

Magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books provided to Michigan libraries and Michigan residents at home with their Michigan Driver's License or ID or from libraries in Michigan.  Also includes links to Michigan related websites.

World Book Encyclopedia (Home Access)

Articles from the World Book Encyclopedia.  Includes related articles from major newspapers and magazines. Graphic and multimedia enhancements, including photographs, maps, illustrations, tables, animations, and audio/video clips.


American Atheists

Since 1963,  American Atheists has been the premier organization laboring for the civil liberties of Atheists, and the total, absolute separation of government and religion.

American Baptist Churches USA

This site contains a church search database, various resources, news updates, and event information.

American Religion Data Archives

The ARDA collection includes data on churches and church membership, religious professionals, and religious groups that include individuals, congregations, and denominations.

Anglican Catholic Church

This is the official web site of the Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church and features news updates, organizational platforms, member profiles, links, and online brochures.

Anglicans Online

Site includes information such as archived editions, online letters, international profiles, resources, and news updates.

Atheist Alliance International

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is an umbrella organization of groups and individuals in the United States and around the world committed to promoting and defending reason and the atheist worldview.

Baha'i Faith

Baha'I Faith includes an overview of historical origins, traditional and current religious views, influential members, and current projects and services.

Catholic Online-Saints and Angels

A multipurpose site that features an index to Catholic saints and angels, accompanied by brief historical biographies of each.

Catholic Parishes Online

Online U.S. directory of the Catholic Church.

Center for Religious Freedom

A part of Freedom House, the Center for Religious Freedom's site contains information about human rights abuses based on the suppression of religious freedom throughout the world.

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Site contains a congregation finder, additional resources, news, bulletin board, and a list of ministries.

Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church site includes news, calendar, events schedule, list of programs, resources, and national and regional contact information.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

This site contains information about beliefs, scripture, research resources, family history, a listing of temples, and much more.

Church of the Brethren

Site contains a find a church function, news, photo journal, and a calendar.

Congregational Christian Churches-National Association

From this site, patrons can access a church finder database, additional resources, mission statement, and youth services information.

Dictionary of Philosophic Terms and Names

This is a concise guide to technical terms and personal names often encountered in the study of philosophy.

Episcopal Church, USA

Providing resources and information for the Episcopal parish member.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Locate news updates, church location, youth programs, mission statement, events schedule, and church leader profiles.

Free Will Baptists - National Association

Locate information about the National Association of Free Will Baptists, including contact information, church locations, church treatise, and online resources.

Freedom From Religion

Locate non-theist online resources, including news updates, event schedule, awards, publications, student essays, and a frequently asked questions section.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

This site contains links to news up dates, parish directory, an online chapel, resources, and an overview of the organizational structure of the church.

Hindu Resources Online

The goal of this site is to publish and connect all Hindu organizations, leaders and resources such as news, events, publications, Vedic sciences, art, music and culture on the web.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Scholarly articles about influential philosophers.


An introduction to philosophical concepts and major thinkers associated with critical theory.

Islam - Religion of

This in depth overview of the religion of Islam features an introductory history, online version of the Qur'an, additional reading list, and explanatory sections dealing with various teachings and practices.

Jehovah's Witnesses - Watchtower

The official web site of Jehovah's Witnesses includes sections about beliefs, teachings, and activities.

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Find information about the beliefs, practices, and teachings of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

National Council of Churches

Found at this site of the National Council of Churches are online resources about member communions, social justice causes, news updates, educational programs, and more.

Orthodox Church in America

Site includes information about saints, ministries and organizations, parish directory, campus ministries, official documents, and more.

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

This site covers the history, doctrine and characteristics, and future goals of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Presbyterian Church USA

The Presbyterian Church USA's site has arranged pages that include information about beliefs, practices, teachings, organizational make up, historical overview, and more.

Rastafarian Religion

This site explains the origins, teachings, beliefs, and practices of rastafarianism.

Reform Judaism

Learn about Reform Judaism at this site, that provides an overview of its history, belief tenants, social goals, policies, and member organizations.

Reformed Church in America

This site, full of information links details the basic philophical underpinnings and primary tenants, goals, and perspectives of this group, along with much more information.

Religion and Spirituality from Yahoo

Browse the Yahoo directory of web links to sites included within the religion and spirtuality subject heading.

Religious Society of the Friends (Quakers)

This site is one-stop information guide to understanding the mission of quakers and their church activities, beliefs, and practices.

Rosicrucian Order

Learn about the Rosicrucian Order, its beliefs, practices, teachings, and available online resources and literature.

Seventh Day Adventist

An information dense site that includes an overview of the Seventh Day Adventist church, its mission, perspectives, organizational structure, international emphases, and other resources.

Southern Baptist Convention

This site has many links to a variety of different topics, including information about the organization, news updates, programming efforts, events, politics, and more.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Articles covering a wide range of philosophical debates and concerns.


A daily online magazine of the latest news, culture, and trends in Jewish Life.

Philosophy Pages

A timeline of Western philosophy accompanied by short biographies of significant individuals.

Unitarian Universalist Association

Locate helpful information resources and an overview of the Unitarian Universalist Association's organizational mission, services, and philosophical mission.

United Church of Christ

Get up-to-date news and information about and from the United Church of Christ's web site, that includes an overview of ministries, education, forums, and organizational reports.

United Methodist Church

Find online resources, news, jobs, events calendar, press releases, glossary, and a handy directory for the United Methodist Church.

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's web site includes a wealth of information and resources that include news, event schedule, organizational mission, doctrine statements, and a suggested publications list.

Vatican: the Holy See

Locate Vatican and liturgical-related resources such as news, World Youth Days information, and archived library materials.

Virtual Religion Index

This Virtual Religion Index is a tool for students and researchers and is designed to advance research and study in matters of religion.

Wesleyan Church

News and information including a Church Directory from the Wesleyan Church.

Worldwide Church of God

Obtain information about the Worldwide Church of God's from their web site, including a list of doctrines, a historical overview, events schedule, and additional resource links.

Zen Buddhism

The internet guide to Zen online resources, including Zen bibliographies, writings, publications, teachings, schools, access to Amazon products, and a list of organizations.

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sculpture of Buddhist Goddess, Shrivijaya

Buddhist Goddess, Shrivijayan style, 9th century, Sculpture, Copper alloy, Asia Society Museum. Very little is known about the religion of Shrivijaya, but we do know that Sumatra was once a major center for the study of Esoteric Buddhism, the branch noted for its worship of female divinities.

Source: CAMIO database