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Brandon Geeks Computers

I was born in 1990 and we got our first computer around 1995. I remember it came in a ginormous box and it was a top of the line Compaq computer. My parents had no idea how to use it, how to set it up, or what to even do with it once they turned it on. My friends all had computers so I knew exactly what to do, and what went where, and why it went there. I remember my parents were confused when I had a better idea of what was going on than they did.

Around 1999 we finally replaced our slow dial up connection with high speed internet. It worked perfect on every computer in the house except for my sister’s. The guy who set up our internet couldn’t figure out how to make it work on my sister’s computer. My parents were too busy/afraid of technology to call up our service provider to figure it out, so I called up our service provider and asked if there was anything I could do to fix the problem. After about an hour of holding and going through a list of questions they determined they didn’t know what was causing the problem. I decided to take matters into my own hands, and started digging through the box my sisters computer came in. Remember these were the days before everyone posted everything on the internet and it was before “Google” was popular. I came across a CD that resets the computer back to factory settings. I put it in the computer and reset it, installed all the correct drivers, and then plugged the ethernet cable into the back of the computer. I crossed my fingers as I opened Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s webpage opened up and my sister now had internet on her computer. I later learned that the process of resetting a computer is called reformatting it.

Around 2000 I was in sixth grade, and my CD drive stopped reading CDs. I called Dell and told them my disc drive was dead. My computer was still under warranty and they sent me a new CD drive. I had never opened my computer case until then, I had no idea what I was doing. When I opened it I could see how the disc drive connected to the motherboard and I disconnected the old CD drive. I took out the old CD drive and sent it back to Dell. I continued to install the new one that Dell had sent me, and it worked perfect! I remember thinking this is what I want to do with my life.

 I took all the computer classes I could possibly take during the rest of middle school and high school. In tenth grade the Kalamazoo Valley Community College counselors came in and showed us all the programs and degrees they offered, and soon as I saw “Computer Support Technician” I jumped all over it. As of today I am 5 classes away from completing that degree, and I still love it now as much as I did back in 1995 when we setup our first computer.



With technology today, you are in a great field and its nice to be in a field that you like.