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KPL Geeks Milkshake!

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Matt Geeks Knowledge (story)

I did not grow up talking Shakespeare at the dinner table. Everything I learned was at the library, by myself. It was my great equalizer. I feasted with the greatest thinkers. I am enlarged.

Geek the Library

Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries

Emily Bristol shared her views about the future of (and the need for) public libraries in her recent article, Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries, published by the Independent Voter Network (IVN). Here are her nine reasons that attest to the value of public libraries:

  1. The house of the 99%: Libraries give people “access to information, education, news…”
  2. Libraries build equity: Libraries serve as a focal point of the community...
  3. Community hope chest: “Libraries house special collections based on the needs and unique identities of the communities they serve...”
  4. Renewable resource: Libraries allow users to borrow a wide variety of materials...
  5. Literacy: “Studies show that children’s literacy is greatly improved by access to summer reading programs and preschool reading programs at public libraries...”
  6. Leveling the playing field: “Libraries offer vital resources for communities that might not otherwise be served or feel integrated.”
  7. Safe space: “The public library may be the only free space available that is also a safe space...”
  8. Cultural touchstone: “Many libraries showcase art — often by local artists...”
  9. Drop in or drop out: “Libraries can also be a place that means the difference between a child’s success or failure in school...”  

Read the full article...

Geek the Library

Ann Geeks Baking

Everyone is passionate about something—everyone geeks something. Kalamazoo Public Library director Ann Rohrbaugh shares her passion for baking.

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Ian Geeks Recording

Everyone is passionate about something—everyone geeks something. Musician, producer and recording engineer Ian Gorman shares his passion for recording.

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Brian Geeks Home Projects

Everyone is passionate about something—everyone geeks something. Brian Rohrbaugh shares his passion for home improvement projects.

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Jerry Geeks Songwriting

Everyone is passionate about something—everyone geeks something. Musician and Lawrence Productions president Jerry Brown shares his passion for songwriting.

Geek the Library

Karen Geeks Musical Theatre

From the time I was in elementary school and started attending high school productions in Kalamazoo, I have been a huge fan of musical theatre. Whether it's old favorites like Fiddler on the Roof or a recent Broadway production like Next to Normal, I appreciate having the opportunity to come to the library to check out the soundtracks and musical scores.


Karen S

John Geeks Electric Guitar

I actually started playing keyboards/piano back in early high school. Then I moved on to drums (something I originally picked up on through the videogame Rock Band). But, coming from a family of guitar players (and a home infested with multiple guitars of differing shapes and sizes) it was perhaps unavoidable that I would one-day learn to play (my love affair with multiple rock and blues guitar gods also played an influential role).

I like that the library has frequent musical concerts/shows throughout the year. Music is a big part of my life and it’s awesome that KPL highlights a lot of local talent for the rest of us to enjoy!


Jennifer Geeks Baby Bears

Last summer, we went to the Upper Peninsula to do some camping and relaxing. Little did I know we'd find the most amazing hidden gem: Oswald's Bear Ranch. Mr. Oswald has acres and acres of space to house black bears of all ages and sizes. He rescues cubs from all over the United States. I was lucky enough to have one eat Fruit Loops and Puppy Chow out of my hand and kiss my ear!