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Bookstore News February 29 - March 3

I have received a lot of calls lately from people that want to know what kind of books we accept as donations. Those of you that read this blog probably have seen the Donating Books and Media link on this website. Clicking on that link gives all the information about what we do and do not accept. When I am asked and need to give a quick succinct answer the two most important things I stress are 1) fiction and nonfiction books should be gently used and 2) nonfiction should be relevant and current, in other words the books should contain information that is presently useful. I like to use law and medical books as examples. No one wants irrelevant law or medical information! Donations are our bread and butter and we’re grateful when people bring us their books, CDs, and DVDs. We hope it makes them feel good to know that their donations are helping us help the library and helping to provide gently used, low-cost materials to our community.

New and continuing specials this week include:

  • Select hardcover science fiction Buy One Get One
  • Religion – many new books added
  • All materials from the Black History special are 1/2 off this week