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I was recently reading an article on the benefits of reading. There were many benefits listed that related to improving one's intelligence through developing  analytical thinking skills, improving vocabulary, increasing general knowledge, improving writing skills, and so on. But I was really struck by the mental health benefits listed. These benefits are stress reduction and greater tranquility. What an easy and effective means of relaxing! Reading a great book is an instant distraction from stressful situations and can take you to another place or time. There are so many compelling reasons to read, but I know I’m preaching to the choir. Anyone reading this post probably already loves to read. I’m happy that the Friends of KPL can help you do that and save money too.

Specials this week include: Cooking – a nice, large selection of books, many at only 50¢, Biographies – we’ve got a lot, Michigan-themed books, and Halloween – don’t forget it’s almost here.

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