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Bookstore News June 29 - July 2

This week spotlights will continue on Hobbies and How To, Religion, and Science Fiction. New this week is a spotlight on Military History and particularly Military Aircraft. I'll fill you in a bit on the kind of books you can expect to find in our featured categories.

Hobbies and How To: Books sorted to the Hobbies and How To category come from a whole series of different topics including: crafts, needlework & sewing, photography,decorating, games, home improvement, pet care, antiques & collectibles, and vehicle care,

Religion: Religion books you might find in the store this week include books on various world religions, spirituality, religion and politics, Christian fiction, Bibles, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and more.

Sci Fi: Lots of current and older sci-fi in paperback and hard cover.

Military: Histories of several wars, a Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II, many large nicely illustrated books of battle ships and aircraft, and more.


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