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Bookstore News June 22 - 25

Summer officially began this week. For many of you, especially those of you with children at home, this means a vacation is imminent. I always feel that the anticipation of the trip is half the fun. The actual travel to your destination, however may not be so much fun particularly when it’s peppered with “Are we there yet?” A couple of things that you can pick up here at the store might help make the journey a little more pleasant. Think about bringing along a bag full of books. One of the really nice things about buying books here is the price. (You already knew that!) When you buy books for 50¢ or a dollar you can put together a mini-library and if one book doesn’t fit the mood just move on to the next. Audio books are another thing you might want to bring along on your trip.  Traveling in a car is sometimes more conducive to listening to a book than reading it. We have lots of audio books – on CDs, on tape, and digitally prerecorded. I’ll bet you can find something for everyone.

In the spotlight this week: Hobbies and How To, Religion, and Sci Fi & Fantasy


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