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Gift Certificates

Most of us would like to avoid standing in those long, return lines after the holidays.  Well, here's a great way to accomplish that goal - give a Gift Certificate!  The Friends Bookstore has lovely, holiday gift certificates that can be purchased for any amount.  Gift Certificates are very budget friendly since $5.00 can buy several top-quality volumes at the store's fraction-of- retail prices.  They are also easy to shop for (one size fits all) and proceeds from their sale benefit the Kalamazoo Public Library.  This allows you to accomplish your holiday shopping and charitable contributions with one stop.  It's a win-win situation so come on down to the lower level of the library, buy some Gift Certificates and see how many people you can cross off that pesky list!  You'll be able to buy a book or CD for  yourself with the money you've saved.

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