Bookstore News September 15 - 18

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This week I would like to point out some special books that I think deserve to be brought to your attention. There are thousands of books in our little bookstore and sometimes real gems can go unnoticed. Each week we try to spotlight one or two categories of books, but this week I want to draw your attention to a few specific treasures.

The Firefly Visual Dictionary describes/defines words in pictures. This 952 page book contains 35,000 terms and 6,000 color entries. $12.00

Michigan Through the Centuries by Willis Frederick Dunbar is a four volume set of the history of Michigan beginning in the 17th century. $60.00

The Story of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant is an eleven volume history of Western civilization for the general reader. $30.00

Britannica's Great Books published in 1993 contains 60 volumes and is touted to include most of the knowledge important to attain a solid liberal education. This set is missing volume three. $45.00

Compton's Encyclopedia 2002 - 26 volumes. $25.00

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