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Bookstore News July 21 - 24

One of the gratifying things about working in the bookstore is witnessing the matchup of a person and a book.  I have seen such joy on the faces of people who have found “just the perfect thing.” Sometimes that happiness occurs simply because a customer finds exactly what he was looking for. Sometimes joy is the result of a new discovery; a book unheard of until that moment but which quickly becomes a “must have.”  Occasionally I will look at a book or a set of books, maybe something a little unusual, and wonder if someone will find it and be thrilled.

Let me tell you about a couple unusual things we have in the store this week. We recently received the multi-volume Theologisches Worterbuch Zum Neuen Testament. For those of you who don’t speak German, that is the Theological Dictionary to the New Testament. This set is written in German and according to Logos.com is “one of the most widely-used and well-respected theological dictionaries ever created (and) is indispensable for studies in the Greek New Testament.”  The set is in good condition and contains volumes 1 – 8. Another interesting set of books is the four volume Chronology of World History. Each volume covers a different time period; the ancient world, the medieval world, the expanding world, and the modern world. The books include detailed listing of events from 3000 B.C. to 1998. This set is only $35.00 and is a real find for a history buff.

Finally for those of you who are already thinking ahead to Christmas, we are having a Christmas in July Sale. You’ll find great deals on crafts and cookbooks, most priced at only 50 cents.



Carol: Note the last line in your blog, It says "...priced at only 50." Reads like it might be $50 rather than .50. John
Finally for those of you who are already thinking ahead to Christmas