Bookstore News April 28 - May 1

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We have great news for movie lovers– assuming you have a VCR at home. We recently found out that we will be receiving a very large donation of VHS movies. We received the first part of this large donation this week, but we will continue to get additional movies for at least a couple more weeks.  This week you will find a cart of VHS movies in the center aisle of the story, filled with both children and adult movies. We will make every effort to keep this cart full as long as we have refills in the back. The movies are priced at 50¢ and $1.00.  

We are also continuing to celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday this week. According to tradition Shakespeare was born on April 23 of 1564 and died on April 23 fifty two years later. We  brought together a nice collection of Shakespeare’s works for you.  Did you know that research has shown that reading Shakespeare has a dramatic effect on the human brain? Check out this link if you want to know more.

Other categories of books “in the spotlight” are music and cooking. We have a good selection of both  and they’re priced to sell.

If you have not already registered for the Friends' Annual Meeting, be sure and do that soon. You won't want to miss hearing Arnie Johnston's presentation. Please read last week's post to get more information.

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