Bookstore News February 17 - 20

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We have lots of new (well new, gently-used) books for you to choose from this week. Be sure and check out the New Arrivals bookcase when you come in.

Also, take a look at our "Overstock Sale" cart. Popular books make for popular donations. That means we get lots of copies of some titles. In order to  make a little extra space in the back room, we have put together a cart of books (those that we have multiple copies of) and priced them at only 50¢ each. For instance, you can buy a beautiful, like-new hardcover copy of The Greatest Generation (Brokaw) or Teeth of the Tiger (Clancy) for 50¢!

The last book I'd like to mention has a fairly limited appeal. If however, The American Wholesalers and Distributors Directory is something you can use - you'll love our price. Ten dollars will buy this "comprehensive guide offering industry details on approximately 29,000 wholesaler and distributors in the United States." It is the 15th edition.

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