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Bookstore Specials June 10 - 13

Books "in the spotlight" this week include science fiction/ fantasy and pets and animal books. Fans of science fiction or fantasy will be happy to find, that for this week at least, the selection is much larger than usual and includes both classics and newer choices. Our selection of pet and animal books should please folks looking for information about pets or those that like to read about animals.  This selection includes books on how to care for specific animals as well  as more general information on animals and animal stories.

We recently received as a donation the PMBR Multistate CD Review. This is a 29 CD set multistate review for the bar exam. It covers torts, contracts, property, evidence, criminal law, and constitutional law. This review is the one currently in use and a real bargain at $35.00.

As always we look forward to seeing you in the bookstore this week!


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