Bookstore Specials December 3 - 6

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The Holiday Gift Sale began last Friday and I watched as a lot of very pleased customers found 'just the right' book to give as a gift. Of course not every gift book has to be given as a gift to someone else! Last weekend was definitely an enjoyable time to work. It's always fun to be surrounded by happy, satisfied people. If you didn't make it to the sale last week, it is not too late. We still have a great selection of gift sale books available, everything from cookbooks to literature and children's books to history.

If you are interested in the Civil War, be sure and check out our Civil War selections.  For the real Civil War enthusiast we have a 21 volume set which includes Campaigns of the Civil War (14 volumes), Studies of the Civil War (4 volumes), and The Navy in the Civil War (3 volumes). This is a beautiful blue leather bound set selling for $150.00. The set is in the Collectibles Case, ask at the front counter to look at it.

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