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Bookstore News Oct. 29 - Nov. 1

Are you prepared for the invasion coming this Friday? Pint-size witches, devils, ghosts, princesses, cowboys and (I’m betting) a boatload of little Elsa’s, Spider Men and Captain Americas will be streaming down the streets of our neighborhoods. To get you in the mood, stop by the store this week and stock up on some spooky, scary, or silly and fun Halloween stories all priced 50% off this week.

Specials this week also include: military history and music.

Bookstore News October 22 - 25

Friends of KPL is joining WMU and downtown Kalamazoo in celebrating Spirit Week, the lead up to WMU’s Homecoming weekend, October 24 – 26. To honor Western and to celebrate Spirit Week all college students (from any college) with college IDs will receive 10% off their entire purchase. Remember to identify yourself as a college student and present your ID. We look forward to seeing you this week!

This week, recent “Hot Picks” – the books that everybody is reading and talking about, have been reduced to $2.00 each. Come on in and buy a stack.

Bookstore News October 1 - 4

Shh! This is a secret just for you. If you are reading this, you are eligible for a special sale.
We have a ton, a boatload, a massive, enormous amount of wonderful children’s books.
Most of those books are priced between 50¢ and $2.00.
For this week only, if you buy 10 or more children’s books and
say the secret words to the folks at the counter, you get 20% off!
Just to make it easy on you, you have a choice of 2 secret phrases. You may say either:
1) I get 20% off on these children’s books or
2) venta especial
Don’t forget, 10 or more children’s books will save you money this week
and make some child very happy!

Bookstore News September 24 - 27

This week I want to mention some items that are part of 3 areas in the bookstore: Collectibles, Best Selling Fiction, and DVDs. I want to give you a feel for what you can find in those areas this week..

• Uncle Wiggily and Friends – a beautiful copy, 1955
• Luke Karamazov by Conrad Hilberry
• The Dunwich Horror and Others by H. P. Lovecraft – a very nice hard cover

Best Selling Fiction:
• Invisible by James Patterson
• Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
• Love Letters by Debbie Macomber
• Missing by Harlan Coban

• Gravity
• Lincoln
• Paranormal Activity
• Frozen

Bookstore News Sept. 17 - 20

Civil War buff? We have a  cart full of some unusual and interesting Civil War books.

Fan of new fiction? We have lots of new “hot picks” type fiction from 2014, great reading and super cheap.

Friends Bookstore News Sept. 10 - 13

Select biographies are ½ off this week. You’ll find a great selection and the prices are ridicules – ridiculously low!

Bag-ofBooks Sale - Saturday

Our 3rd Bag-of-Books Sale of the year is this Saturday! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to shop from thousands of books divided by category and priced at only 10 cents each or $2:00 for a bag full!

The sale is at Central Library and starts at 9:00. Come early for the best selection. The doors close at 3:30 so don’t be late! The selection includes fiction & mystery, romance, science fiction, assorted nonfiction, children’s books and a variety of audio and visual materials. We hope to see you there!

Bookstore News August 20 - 13

I’m going to assume you know we have a great selection of books, mostly because I’ve been repeating that phrase every week, all summer. So, for right now, that’s a given. This week I want to tell you about two slightly unusual collections that we are spotlighting.

1) We have a good-sized collection of New Age books in very good condition. I looked up the definition of New Age because I always felt it was such an ambiguous phrase. Here’s the first definition I found: “a broad movement characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism”. That seems a good description of the books we have. I’ve also included non-western, alternative health books. If that sounds interesting to you, come take a look.

2) We received a large donation of piano music. We have scores for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The collection includes popular music (mostly from the 60s) and an impressive selection of classical music. The 60s pop music is mostly sheet music and I enjoyed a very entertaining trip down memory lane while looking through it. We don’t often have a selection like this.

Bookstore News August 13 - 16

Our bookshelves are so full we hardly have room for display easels! We have so many books we’re considering selling them by the pound. (Not really) This, of course, means there is a lot to choose from. The selection continues to be wonderful. Carve out a little time in your week to do something just for you. And what could be better than spending some time pursuing rows and rows of books. Each book offers a new story, or new information, or maybe just the offer of an escape. Sound good? I hope we see you soon.

The next Bag-of-Books Sale is Saturday, September 6 at Central Library. Mark your calendars now.

Bookstore News August 6 - 9

We put together a cart of Michigan themed books this week. There's a lot of Michigan history including local histories, books on Michigan birds and trees, environmental issues and nature, also books about famous Michiganders and books by Michigan authors.

We're also continuing to put out a lot of general history books. If you're a history buff plan to stop down and check these books out.