History and Friends in the Park

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We've added some new volumes to both the Science and Nature and the Military History carts for this week.  History buffs will be doubly pleased with our selections as we have also added a cart full of American History.  These books are in mint condition with colorful dust jackets intact.  Many are recent publications with titles such as, Lincoln's War  by Geoffrey Perret, Liberty and Freedom by David Hackett and Burr, Hamilton & Jefferson: A study in Character by Roger G. Kennedy.  There are also a few volumes of World History on the cart. Napoleon's Buttons - How 17 Molecules Changed History by Penny L. Couteur & Jay Burrison or Richard E. Rubenstein's Aristotle's Children are two stand-outs in this category.  All could be used for gifts since they are like new and all are priced at a fraction of retail cost.  Our regular shelves of both fiction and non-fiction have been stocked with new bargains as well, making this a prime time to visit the Friends Bookstore.  We've even selected some "back-to-school" volumes for the front desk display.

Anyone who can't make it to the store this week will have an additional chance to view bookstore wares at the Library's party in the park for the end of summer reading games. Friends' volunteers will have a small assortment of books representativeof our store stock for sale. So put your buying hat on. Remember, there is no such thing as too rich, too thin or too many books!


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