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Why Join?

Joining Friends says to everyone that you care about your library and value its resources. Each new member makes us stronger. Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting our mission.

Member Benefits

  • Annual Friends newsletter
  • 20% discount coupon for one Bookstore purchase (good any time except for rare books and the holiday sale)
  • A 50% coupon good one Saturday (to be announced)
  • An invitation to a private November pre-sale of our gift quality books
  • A special Friends button to put on your coat or book bag

Membership Options

Friends of the Kalamazoo Public Library offer a variety of membership options. You decide which one works for you. Your dues are tax deductible* and 100% (except for mailing costs) goes to benefit the library. Friends proceeds fund many things like new puppets for the Children’s Room, or special book holders, or layman-friendly books for the Law Library. These “extras” help to make your library the special place it is. The membership year runs from April 1 to March 31, but you may join at any time. *Consult your tax adviser.

Membership Levels

  • Individual $15.00
  • Family $25.00
  • Supporter $50.00
  • Patron $75.00
  • Benefactor $100.00
  • Other Amount $____

Call 269-553-7821 or Contact Friends for more information.

Upgrade Your Membership

It’s true that most of our members sign-up at either the $15 or $25 levels. But there are a few who feel passionately enough about our mission of assisting the KPL and in encouraging reading and literacy that they want to do more. Others wish they could help as volunteers but just don’t have the time to get heavily involved. One easy way to do a “bit more” for the Friends is to become a Supporter, Patron or Benefactor. Your larger gift makes you a very special member and we are most appreciative.

Sign Up Today!

To join, simply fill out the online form below and submit. Within a few days, you will receive a welcome letter from Friends with an invoice so you may complete your payment.

Please call 269-553-7820 if you have questions or need more information.

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