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Feeding Wild Birds

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Date, Location

    Poems by Robert Haight

    Poet Robert Haight presents his latest collection of poems, Feeding Wild Birds. The poems are rooted in the Michigan landscape, as seasons and lives undergo their seamless and subtle transformations.

    These are meditative poems in spare and simple language that examine the energies in animals, woods, lakes, land, weather and the human heart. In the silences and sounds of nature, the poems speak of the spirit that hovers just beyond the realm of our ideas, that whispers to us in stillness and that lights the paths of our awakening to the beauty of the world.

    About Robert Haight

    Robert Haight has published three books of poetry, Feeding Wild Birds (Mayapple Press 2013), Emergences and Spinner Falls,(New Issues Poetry and Prose 2002) and Water Music (Ridgeway Press 1995), and written essays and articles on fly fishing, the environment, education and spirituality for a variety of anthologies, journals and magazines. An avid fly fisherman and committed environmentalist, he lives in Michigan with his wife and various animals.

    Born in Detroit and educated at Michigan State University and Western Michigan University, he received a B.A. in English and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. His writing has won awards from the Poetry Resource Center of Michigan, Western Michigan University, the Kalamazoo Foundation and the Arts Foundation of Michigan. He teaches writing, literature and meditation at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.