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In Concert: The Relations

Date, Location

    Rhythmically Intriguing Original Songs

    The Relations perform a unique blend of original pop music in support of songwriter Bill Caskey’s full-length CD release Dymaxion Mothership. The band crafts rhythmically intriguing arrangements of original songs to explore a wide variety of subject matter: dogs chasing dinosaurs, tragically codependent biker junkies in “Little Jag,” early musical experiences, that simple human challenge of loving another in “Biggest Heart,” and an infatuation with a televangelist alligator in “Hey Alligator.” Bill’s song “Little Yellow Moons” was called “a gem of a tune” in a review of Holly Holmes’ debut recordingThe Climb in Jazz Review.

    Bill has always arranged pitches, rhythms, and words and, in the first grade, wanted to bring the piano to school for show-and-tell in order to share his songs. Dymaxion Mothership was produced with support from the Kalamazoo Artist Development Initiative from the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo.