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Joe Wang and the Test Pilots

Joe Wang and the Test Pilots

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    “Album oriented power pop for people with a brain.”

    Joe Wang & the Test Pilots (affectionately referred to as JWTP by the faithful) is a band for people who grew up watching “real” saturday morning cartoons. If you have ever sat through a movie’s credits to catch the name of a certain song that played for only 20 seconds, still have a favorite album that hasn’t been released on CD, or you watched Saturday Night Live just for the musical guest, this is the band for you!

    JWTP is a retro band that doesn’t sound retro. Regularly performing a unique collection of original material, self-stylized covers, and one hit wonders. Their music is best described as “album oriented power pop” with heavy “roots rock” and “alt. country” overtones, culminating in a musical sub-genre that continues to prove itself with each performance. This unique 4 piece band is comprised of experienced local area musicians and are best appreciated live. (