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An eReader Experience

Earlier this spring, I read my first complete book, actually two, on one of our Sony eReaders. I’d only read excerpts previously to try it out.

My husband and I took a driving vacation. Usually I’d take five or six books along; this time I took 30+, all on the eReader and it wasn’t full.

I admit it took me a little while to get used to it – the screen, the page turning, the side light when needed, BUT it sure was convenient.

I read Little Bee, such a compelling novel that I would have kept reading no matter what the format, and a short story collection, Where the God of Love Hangs Out.

I’m not a total convert to eReaders; I still like the traditional printed book but it’s a format that has its place and it sure was easy to take an eReader rather than a stack of books on vacation.

We have several to loan; come visit and give on a try.


Audiobooks & eBooks

Summer @ KPL!

We spend months planning for summer and it’s finally here! Summer reading games for all ages kicked off last week with the end of school for KPS students.

As in recent years, kids – preschoolers and school age, tweens, teens, and grownups have their own game with age-appropriate requirements, incentives and prizes. Full information is on our website. Sign up at any branch or Central.

We have an array of events planned too: concerts, Zoomobile visits from Binder Park Zoo and John Ball Park, a musical circus, the ever-popular Bubblemania, cooking, crafts, gardening, and more.

And the “End-of-Summer Reading Party” to be held Sunday afternoon, August 29, will conclude our summer, but we won’t wish summer away….enjoy all the activities over the coming weeks.

On a more serious note, research shows that kids who read and write during the summer don’t lose “ground” over the break from school. Encourage all the kids in your life to read, either through a library summer reading game or books from their own collection.

Thanks to the FRIENDS OF KPL, our very good friends, for sponsoring all of our summer reading games.

Come visit soon.


Summer @ KPL

Staff Recognition

KPL held our annual staff recognition breakfast last week. The Friends of KPL, our very good friends, provided the breakfast and staff recognition awards.

Three retirees were honored; six high school and college graduates were recognized. Six employees from the 58 nominated by their colleagues or patrons, received “staff recognition awards.” It was an impressive group of nominations from appreciative library users.

“Years of service” were also honored: four staff were recognized for 35 years of service! I’m guessing a few of them will make the 40 year mark too!

In addition to recognizing our staff, it was also an opportunity to thank our board of trustees for their dedicated service to the library and the community.


Staff Recognition Awards

Genre Fiction

Most libraries separate mysteries from other fiction titles. Some also pull out other genre – westerns, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, for example. There was a time when it was obvious if a title fit a particular genre, but that’s not so true any longer for many titles.

I recently read an article on the dilemma this is presenting for booksellers. They call it genre-bending and give examples of titles that feature time travel, mystery and historical fiction all in one. Where does such a title belong to catch the eye of a bookstore browser and hopefully lead to a sale? The article’s author wonders if we need extensive testing to determine the genetic genre makeup of some titles!

Libraries face the same situation. If we put the right book in the wrong place, the right reader won’t find it if they are browsing. Some librarians believe genre classifications are going the way of top hat or, to continue to be useful to readers, will need to be even further fragmented. This issue can be addressed through the library catalog when a title is given multiple subject headings, but many readers browse the shelves for a good book they don’t browse the catalog.

I don’t see KPL creating additional genre collections for fiction. However, our staff is always available to help readers find a good book in any specific or multiple genre category. Our staff have varied reading interests and we have reader advisory tools to help to.

Come visit soon. We’ll be glad to help you find a good book or just browse.


Books @ KPL

Friends Booksale Christmas Shopping

I have three hometown friends with whom I exchange Christmas gifts. Regrettably, I am seldom able to gather with them over the holidays – they have been able to return to our hometown, while I have not.

Last year, I mailed them a big box of books – fifteen to be exact, five for each. All of the books were gently used paperbacks from the Friends Bookstore. I wrapped them individually; they were all titles I had read, so I put a post-it note on each one describing why I liked the book and thought they would too.

I hear it was a VERY successful gift; they each left with five books they hadn’t read. They tell me they’d like this gift every year. All of the books came from the Friends Bookstore for $1 - $2 each. What a bargain.

I’ll resume my Christmas shopping on Super Saturday, June 5, 9:00 – 3:30 when the Friends of KPL have their annual sidewalk book sale at the library. The bookstore on the lower level will also be open.

Get a head start on shopping!


Friends Booksale