Summer Reading Challenge 2017

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The theme for 2017 Summer Reading Challenge was designed by local artist, Paul Sizer

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Sign up today at any KPL location or play online. Log your daily reading, view book lists, get or make book recommendations, and earn digital badges. 

Take the Master Builder challenge! Complete any 10 of the 20 learning track challenges and earn the Master Builder digital badge.

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Reading groups are welcome, too! Sign up all of the readers in your class, camp, or other organization quickly and easily. 


Are You Up to the Challenge?

Can you read or listen to books for at least 20 minutes a day? If you accept the challenge, simply record each day that you read for 20 minutes or more on your game board or log your reading online at

When you have completed 15 days (they do not need to be consecutive days), bring your game board to the library for a reward or let library staff know you earned a reward online.

Everyone is welcome to play, including babies and toddlers. Reading to your baby and/or toddler counts toward your reading goal as well!

Reading Rewards

There are 92 possible reading days from Thursday, June 1 through the challenge’s end on Thursday, August 31. You may complete four, 15-day reading segments within those 92 days, so you can earn up to four rewards!

Claiming Your Reward

When it’s time to claim a reward, bring your challenge card to any KPL location to report your progress or let staff know you earned a reward online. Staff will record your progress and give you a prize.


Please report all game play at least 15 minutes before the library closes. All rewards must be redeemed no later than Thursday, August 31. No exceptions.



Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library

Summer reading games are sponsored by Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library.